In Conflict

Inaugurating on May 22 at 10am CET.

In person pre-events:

Guided tour with the curators (press only) on May 20 at 4pm CET.


May 21 at 10am CET.

Guided tour with the curators on May 21 at 4pm CET.

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Direcção-Geral das Artes
depA architects and Miguel Santos
The Link PR / Greta Ruffino
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About the exhibition

In Conflict proposes to revisit a selection of processes of Portuguese architecture of the democratic period shaped by a wide-ranging public debate between political powers, the press, and civil society.

On the main floor of Palazzo Giustinian Lolin, the exhibition reports on seven controversial processes marked by material destruction, social relocation, or popular participation, and that simultaneously question the issue of dwelling.

Throughout the rooms, each original three-dimensional piece reflects a critical view of the invited architects about a project, while each press news mosaic summarises public involvement in the processes. Based on these seven cases, other projects are presented with affinities to the problematic, scale, or modes of action.

Together, the processes bear witness to the history of a democracy that in 1974 faced a deep housing shortage and which is now dealing with the continued presence of few informal neighbourhoods, an urban growth based on speculation, and the country’s territorial disarticulation.

In contrast to the exhibition, and to strengthen the idea of democratic space, In Conflict encourages a prospective reading of conflict through a set of debates,
taking place in Venice, Lisbon, Porto and online. At the entrance to the Palazzo, a table provides the scenography of these events and is offered to the public as a place for meetings and discussions.

The city and territory are arenas of conflict, collective constructions where dissent – a condition that is implicit to the plurality of the democratic space – shapes the production of architecture. Through the exhibition and debates, In Conflict seeks to consider the role of architecture as a public, political, and ethical discipline, with the aim of fulfilling a common future.

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Curators and Participants


depA architects

Carlos Azevedo / João Crisóstomo / Luís Sobral

Deputy Curator

Miguel Santos


Alexandre Alves Costa / Alexandre Dias / Álvaro Siza / Ana Luísa Rodrigues / Artéria / Atelier Conceição Silva / Ateliermob / Barbas Lopes Arquitectos / Bruno Silvestre / Carlos Castanheira / Cerejeira Fontes architects / Charles Cossement / Colectivo Wharehouse / Eduardo Coimbra de Brito / Egas José Vieira / Fernando Seabra-Santos / Francisco Pereira / Frederico Eça / Gil Cardoso / Habitar Porto / Inês Beleza de Azevedo / João Archer de Carvalho / João Figueira / João Pernão / João Siopa Alves / José Barra / José Gigante / José Lobo Almeida / José Miguel Rodrigues / José Neves / José Veloso / Laboratório de Habitação Básica (LAHB) / Luís Mendes / Luís Miguel Fareleira / Luís Spranger / Manuel Graça Dias + Egas Vieira Arquitectos / Manuel Nunes de Almeida / Manuel Teles / Margarida Carvalho / Maria Vale / merooficina / Nuno Valentim / Paulo Moreira / Pedro Bandeira / Pedro Brígida / Rita Dourado / Rogério Ramos / Sérgio Fernandez / Tiago Baptista / Vítor Figueiredo

Exhibition Photography

José Campos

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Pavilion partners & sponsors

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