Square! Positively shrinking


-- "Space me up. Borderless living". The discussion between the curators of 6 pavilions starts at 50:50

-- video tour and intro for the Estonian Pavilion exhibition “Square! Positively shrinking”

The Estonian Centre for Architecture will present the exhibition “Square! Positively shrinking” \[]\( curated by Jiří Tintěra, Garri Raagmaa, Kalle Vellevoog, Martin Pedanik and Paulina Pähn in the Pavilion of Estonia at the 17th International Architecture Exhibition of La Biennale di Venezia (May 22nd - November 21st, 2021), which will be hosted in the Arsenale complex. Exploring the role of high-quality urban space in enhancing the future development of small towns that are in jeopardy of depopulation, the exhibition sparks a debate on the lesser known facet of urbanisation.

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Raul Järg
Jiří Tintěra, Garri Raagmaa, Kalle Vellevoog, Martin Pedanik, Paulina Pähn
Eve Arpo
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About the exhibition

The exhibition “Square! positively shrinking” explores the role of high-quality urban space in enhancing the future development perspective of depopulating small towns. It features activities to improve the urban environment with a focus on the redevelopment of central squares. Shrinking municipalities need to concentrate on their residents’ quality of life.

The programme “Great Public Spaces” is a remarkable example of urban space intervention in shrinking urban areas. The aim of the programme was to renew the centres, main squares and the main streets in 15 Estonian towns by 2020 as a gift from architects to the Estonian state celebrating its 100th anniversary.

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Curators and Participants

CURATORS: Jiří Tintěra, Garri Raagmaa, Kalle Vellevoog, Martin Pedanik, Paulina Pähn

PARTICIPANTS: Mari Rass, Ott Alver, Alvin Järving, Kaidi Põder (Tõrva main square project), Helen Rebane, Egon Metusala, Kaie Kuldkepp, Liis Uustal, Vilve Enno (Põlva main square project), Gianfranco Franchi, Chiara Tesi, Rea Sepping (Valga main square project); Siiri Vallner, Indrek Peil (Rapla main square project), Villem Tomiste (Võru main square project); Häli-Ann Tooms, Mari-Liis Männik (Kuressaare main square and street project); Ülle Maiste, Diana Taalfeld, Anne Saarniit, Roomet Helbre, Taavi Kuningas (Elva main square and street project); Risto Parve, Kai Süda (Rakvere main street project), Liisa Hirsch, Patrick Tubin McGinley (music, sound); Anna Hints, Joosep Matjus, Ants Tammik, Tushar Prakash, Urmas Reisberg, Kairid Laks (film)

PHOTOGRAPHS IN THE MAIN CATALOGUE: Tõnu Tunnel, Tiit Veermäe, Siim Solman

GRAPHIC DESIGN: Martin Pedanik (Labor)

PRODUCERS: Eve Arpo, Maria Kristiin Peterson, Ragne Soosalu (Estonian Centre for Architecture)

COLLABORATORS: Mint LIST, Silvia Pärmann

WITH THE SUPPORT OF: Estonian Ministry of Culture, Estonian Ministry of Finance, Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Rakvere City Government, Rapla Municipality Government, Võru City Government, Valga Municipality Government, Elva Municipality Government, Põlva Municipality Government, Saaremaa Municipality Government, Tõrva Municipality Government, Baltic Culture Fund

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-- Estonian Pavilion 2021: Square! Positively Shrinking. Video tour.

-- Space me up. Borderless living. Joint Broadcast

-- Square! Positively shrinking / Kuressaare, Estonia

-- Square! Positively shrinking / Võru, Estonia

-- Square! Positively shrinking / Põlva, Estonia

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Pavilion partners & sponsors

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